[Avodah] why are we more lenient after chatzos on Tbav

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> There are several halachos that the minhag is to be more lenient after
> chatzos on Tbav
> Business, sitting on regular chairs, talis and tephillin etc
> Why ?
> What changed in the afternoon? (especially since some pple fast both the 9
> th and 10th(

There are two answers in the Birkhei Yosef quoting Sefer Hakavvanot of R.
Haim Vital (OH 559 s"k 7) for why we say verses of consolation at minha,
both based on Midrash Eicha Rabba, and perhaps the reason is the same.
Firstly, that this was when the BHMK began to burn, and it was davka a time
of consolation because the people realized that HKBH was pouring his anger
on stone and wood, not on flesh and blood. Secondly, that this is the time
when the Messiah whose name is Menahem is born.
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