[Avodah] Wine left out

Ben Waxman via Avodah avodah at lists.aishdas.org
Mon Jul 13 20:18:41 PDT 2015

My question to this is why is it that the Shulchan Aruch, MB and others 
take it as a given that leaving wine out worsens the taste? Did they not 
know that allowing wine to breath improves the taste, at least for a 
decent red wine (which is the type of wine they think we should be 


On 7/13/2015 9:14 PM, Zev Sero wrote:
> It depends what kind of wine.  Some wines definitely improve with a
> few hours' breathing.  The criterion is "hakriveihu no lefechasecho";
> *would* you serve this to an honoured guest who is used to drinking
> quality wine? 

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