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> On Wed, Jul 08, 2015 at 02:09:57AM -0700, Simon Montagu via Avodah wrote:
> : I'm not sure where I read this, it might be in the old Birnbaum siddur,
> : but anyway there's an explanation that there was a mutual influence
> : between the end of SE and the end of Kaddish...
> You might have seen it on-list in Apr or Dec 2006, offered by RPMinden.

My memory was correct as to the attribution, though I garbled the content a
bit. It's on page 48 of the Birnbaum siddur, in the notes to the Kaddish
deRabbanan after Korbanot:

"/Oseh Shalom/, which repeats in Hebrew the thought expressed in the
preceding Aramaic paragraph, seems to have been added from the meditation
recited at the end of the /Shemoneh Esreh/. The same sentence is also added
at the end of the grace recited after meals. The three steps backwards,
which formed the respectful manner of retiring from a superior, were
likewise transferred from the concluding sentence of the /Shemoneh Esreh/.
On the other hand, the phrase "and say Amen", added at the end of the
silent meditation after the /Shemoneh Esreh/, must have been borrowed from
the Kaddish which is always recited in the hearing of no fewer than ten
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