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Wed Jul 8 06:30:56 PDT 2015

On 07/08/2015 05:42 AM, Kenneth Miller via Avodah wrote:
> R' Mordechai Cohen asked:
>> What I don't understand is at the end of our silent s'esrai.
>> Why do we say oseh sholom b'mromav..v'imru amen?
>> Who are we saying v'imru amen to?
>> And I don't think it's there bc the silent SE sbe exactly the
>> same as the sh'ztibur version (since the silent SE is a rehearsal).
> The same question applies to the V'imru Amen which is near the end of Birkas Hamazon.

Not really, because it's supposed to be said aloud by one person, with the
others only answering amen.   It's only relatively recently that we've started
each benching for ourselves, even when there's a zimun.

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