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Thu Aug 20 00:25:33 PDT 2015

> Rav Soloveitchik further added that wearing a Yarmulke, a Kippa, is
> more dignified than a baseball cap. He said, "If the President of the
> United States suddenly appeared and wanted to take a picture with me,
> would I wear a Russian hat, a baseball cap,- or a Kippa? That is the
> way we should stand Shemoneh Esrei when addressing the King of the
> Universe, HaKadosh Baruch-Hu.

The average person would also not wear a black hat while taking a picture
with the president.

I have noted before there has become a new minhag of wearing a hat all
the time not only when wearing davening or saying a bracha. I went this
week to a charedi wedding and most of the men wore their hats throughout
the meal.

OTOH I also went to a shiur of Rav Zilberstein this week. Throughout
the shiur he wore a kippah.
In the break he took some food and put on his hat for the bracha and
then removed it for the shiur.
This is also what I observed from RYBS

If so why do other rabbis insist on giving a shiur wearing a hat?

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BTW I just received a copy of a formal photo of RYBS with Ed Asner. RYBS is
wearing a black kippa

Eli Turkel

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