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<<So let's do a thought experiment:  Let us say there was no Rambam and no
Shulchan Aruch.  On what basis would there be any distinction at all between
the halacha of the Orthodox and the halacha as championed by the
Conservative movement?  Is that not where a Rashi/Tosphos only mesorah would
of necessity lead (even throwing in the Beis Yosef), to a much broader tent
than we have today - one that would perforce have to embrace the
Conservative movement, and certainly all the forms of Open Orthodoxy that
RGS is so vehemently against.>>

Remember that when the SA appeared there were strong objections against the
Many felt that a posek should know the sources and make his own
interpretation and not
rely or be bound by any text.

Eli Turkel
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