[Avodah] Baal Nefesh in the Igeros Moshe

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R' Elli Fischer contrasted the use of baal nefesh yachmir in the MB with
its use in the IM. (Also heard via R' Jonathan Ziring.)

The MB uses baal nefesh yachmir to refer to chumeros where the person
is acting in a way to fulfill all shitos. The MB lists the more recent
opinions, and then advises that the baal nefesh follow the most stringent.

(Although I believe we found in previous iterations that the MB doesn't
actualy use the expression particularly often.

The IM argues that chalav hacompanies is actually chalav yisrael, so
that there is no textual reason to only drink milk that was literally
Yisrae'el ro'ahu, as opposed to using anan sahade eidus. But leshitaso,
FDA certified milk is kosher even according to the Peri Chadash. (YD 1:47)

In 1:48 he dismisses all other possibilities, and then says baal nefesh
yachmir. RMF's baal nefesh is not being chosheish for all shitos, he
dismissed those other shitos. Instead he is keeping minhag yisrael saba
beyond halakhah.

Pretty much the opposite of the MB's baal nefesh, who is ignoring accepted
pesaq in order to make sure all the textual bases are covered.

Tir'u baTov!

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