[Avodah] avelut after 12 months

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Tue Jul 28 12:32:24 PDT 2015

The gemara says that Yoseph was certainly alive because Yaakov mourned him
the whole time while we know that the dead are forgotten after 12 months
(memory of the bet hamikdash is different)

I have a personal problem with this statement. To my sorry I know of
several people who have lost children especially in the age of 18-25. One
thing I have learned from these people is that one never forgets a child,
It is part of their lives every day.

The secretary of my department lost a son in a flash flood in the negev.
She changed her last name to incorporate the name of that son. Every time
she signs her name she remembers her son, Others who have lost sons in
military actions say kaddish every day for the son many years later.

I would just imagine that Yaakov having lost his "favorite" son would not
forget him after 12 months but indeed would mourn for him forever

Eli Turkel
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