[Avodah] Alternate texts for the Prayer for the Government

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Sun Jul 5 18:46:19 PDT 2015

R' Mordechai Harris wrote:

> Here's the one I shard last time from the De Sola Pool Siddur.
> www.aishdas.org/avodah/faxes/deSolaPoolPrayerForGovernment.pdf

R' Simon Montagu asked:

> Can you also share  the publication details and/or title page of
> this siddur? What I know as the De Sola Pool Siddur is not the
> same as in this link. I have ...

RMH's link was for "The Traditional Prayer Book for Sabbath and Festivals", the official siddur of the RCA, published in 1960.

A very different, longer version appears in many other siddurim, with rather minor differences:

The Hirsch Siddur, published by Feldheim
The Authorized Daily Prayer Book by Chief Rabbi Joseph H. Hertz
The Daily Prayer Book by Philip Birnbaum
The Koren Siddur by Rabbi Sir Jonathan Sacks
and in the new Nehalel beShabbat by Michael Haruni (website and free sample at nehalel.com)

I was going to remark that I have found this prayer only in siddurim that have an English translation, but is not correct. First, it would seem to appear in whichever siddur the Hirsch was adapted from. But moreover, this same tefila also appears in my copy of "Siddur Eishei Yisrael al pi daas Maran HaGra." (I know there are many siddurim with similar names; all I can tell about this is that the title page lists no publisher, only "Yerushalayim 5735".)

The Nehalel siddur is worth noting for this thread. I have not seen this siddur to be too widespread or popular (yet - it's only from 2013), but I'd like to point out that it has TWO versions of this prayer. The version which is very similar to the others is on a page marked "In the United States of America:". But the following page is marked "In the United Kingdom and Commonwealth:", and is markedly different -- but not nearly as different as the De Sola Pool version.

This makes me stop, and wonder, and consider the fact that although my Hertz siddur and my Sacks siddur are both of British authorship, they both used American publishers (Bloch and OU Press respectively), and were possibly designed for an American audience. Which leads me to ask those of the chevra who currently reside in the Commonwealth: What version (if any) is said in your shuls?

Akiva Miller
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