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Zev writes

<<It's an explicit Rama. He permits lighting kitniyos oil, not eating it,
and his reason is that if it should happen to fall into the food it will
be batel.  IOW he is explicitly saying that the oil itself, in its non-
batel state, may not be eaten.  Given that I don't understand how anyone
could have permitted it.>>

I already pointe dout last year that the Marcheshet said that kiniyot oils
are no problem and Ramah means only oils made on Pesach. I find it strange
that Zev still insists that no one could permit it.
R. Elchanan Spektor and Rav Kook explicitly allowed using kitniyot oils
that had no mixture of water added. I believe that was the common custom in
South Africa. .see also Minchat Yitzchak  (IV:114:3) and also Mikra’ai
Kodesh, Pesach II:60:2. Rav Frank also allows peanuts and certainly peanut
oil. He brings down that he heard that Rav Chaim Soloveitchik allowed
cottenseed oil and agrees with that psak

I would also point out that RMF explicitly states that using peanuts (or
peanut oil) on Pesach depends on one's family minhag. As such (as far as I
know) all Ashkenazi communties do not use corn or soya or their oils sice
corn is used for bread and soya is a bean. Evewn though these are not
included in the original gezerah they were nevertheless accepted by minhag
as kitniyot.

The OU allowed cottenseed oil. In Israel Rav Landau gave a hechsher for
many years until it was withdrawn under charedi pressure. see the OU
bulletin available at http://www.kashrut.com/Passover/Kitniyot/ for other

BTW the Rema (467:8) cites customs to not eat honey, raisins, dried fruit,
sugar, saffron and cloves which I beleive most communities do not follow.

Eli Turkel
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