[Avodah] carrying an ID card on shabbat

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On Thu, Mar 07, 2013 at 05:41:14PM -0500, Zev Sero wrote:
>> According to SSK pg 215 RSZA says this is why extra buttons sown
>> onto a garment can be worn as well. (I am told RMF and RSYE hold
>> similarly.)

> Those are batel to the garment.  The permanent attachment is irrelevant;
> they'd be just as batel if they weren't permanently attached.  They have
> no independent metzius, they're just part of the garment.

I don't know why you say a label is batel if its not fully attached,
but whatever you're saying about shaatnez labels would be true of
ID cards, no?

>> This was discussed widely WRT gloves. The gezeirah was about jewelry,
>> and few say it includes anything but. (This ties to the discussion of
>> whether qitniyos includes more than the original list of legumes.)
> Where are you getting this from?....

R' Ovaida Yosef.

I didn't find the citation, now that you asked for a location for
something I remember from a shiur, but SSK 18:27 fn 109 invokes this
line of reasoning for watches that you would not wear when run down. In
contrast to a watch you wear even when it isn't telling time is a
tachshit, and under the original gezeira.

While unsuccessfully looking for the mar'eh maqom, I found the SA OC
301:37, "mutar latzeis beShabbos bebatei yadayim". And when noting the
"yeish mi shemachmir", the chumerah is to require sowing them to your
sleeves. The SA says it's better to be machmir -- although it's not his
iqar hadin. The MB shares this preference but notes in the Biur Halakhah
that most are indeed meiqil because we have so few rh"r deOraisa nowadays.

So we already see the mechaber considers applying the gezeira beyond its
initial limits is a chumerah, not din, but still no one applies it to
things permanently attached to your coat, as in my suggestion.


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