[Avodah] question on megillah

Lisa Liel lisa at starways.net
Sun Feb 24 05:53:11 PST 2013

Midrash is midrash.

On 2/24/2013 4:18 AM, Eli Turkel wrote:
> We are all familar with the gemara that Mordecai was really Eshther's 
> husband

Maybe she wasn't.  The midrash also says that a malach came down and 
took Esther's place in bed with Achashveirosh, and it also says that 
Darius was their son.  Midrash is midrash.

> Second chazal and later meforshim describe the central event of 
> acheshveosh as the rebiluding of the Temple. eg in a conversation with 
> a woman of unknown background Achashverosh is willing to give anything 
> except for rebulding the bet Hamikdash. Why would this even come up.
> Also many other comments are reinterpretd to be about the bet hamikdash.

Ditto.  I doubt the "ad chatzi hamalchut" had anything to do with the 


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