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We are all familar with the gemara that Mordecai was really Eshther's

1) The megillah stresses that they gathered Betulot
2) It seems inconceivable that the king would start taking wives from
husbands - would led to a revolt
3) The search was in all 127 provinces - must have been millions of
eligible women

If so why was Esther in the competition?

Second chazal and later meforshim describe the central event of acheshveosh
as the rebiluding of the Temple. eg in a conversation with a woman of
unknown background Achashverosh is willing to give anything except for
rebulding the bet Hamikdash. Why would this even come up.
Also many other comments are reinterpretd to be about the bet hamikdash.

We now know that when Cyrus allowed the rebulding of the Temple it was a
general decree to many countries and was not a specific decree to the Jews.
The Persian kings fought many enemies including Greeks, Eygptians etc.  It
would seem strange that the center of theor attention is the small country
of Judea

Purim Sameach

Eli Turkel
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