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On Fri, Feb 22, 2013 at 07:37:38AM -0800, saul newman wrote:
: seen on a parsha sheet---
:>  d) unless the law or your health forbids it, become inebriated (drunk) by
:> drinking wine (davka wine and not other intoxicating substances) (or
:> alternatively, drink more wine than you would usually on a Sunday
:> afternoon, then sleep a little during the day.)

: 2]  if  the drinking/intoxication is separate from the seudah ...

Implied in the SA is that it IS a din in the se'udah, and not a separate
chiyuv. "Chayav inishe livsumei befurei" is OC 695:2, between s' 1
stating the chiyuv to have the se'udah during the day, and s' 3 which
discusses Al haNisim and AhN when the se'udah runs into the night.

Which would also explain why it's not counted as a 5th mitzvah of the day.

When I personally look at Megillah 7b blank-slate, it really doesn't
look like this chiyuv is the gemara's masqanah. After all, the sugya
continues with a warning AGAINST getting drunk, Rabah killing R' Zeira
after ivsumei. And it's not just me, the Taz on the Rama's "and yeish
omerim that you don't have to get all that drunk" (s"q 2) cites the BY
citing the Ran citing R' Efraim that this masqanah is a proof for these
yeish omerim. "Nidcheh meimra zu."

Relevent to our discussion, Rabah gets this drunk at the se'udah they
have together.

And the next thing in the gemara is the specification that the se'udah
must be during the day -- both said by Rava. Which may reinforce the
linkage, or suggest a different reason for the juxtaposition.


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