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Fri Feb 22 07:37:38 PST 2013

seen on a parsha sheet---

 d) unless the law or your health forbids it, become inebriated (drunk) by
drinking wine (davka wine and not other intoxicating substances) (or
alternatively, drink more wine than you would usually on a Sunday
afternoon, then sleep a little during the day.)

----- i still   [even though asking  it every year]    don't  have  a clear
 picture  of the timing .    let's assume  purim ends  630 pm,   and
 assume  most  people  are back from shul  830 am  . let's  assume  people
 make  the seudah   4 pm .

1] are most  people  doing their  drinking  then?  is that enough time to
get  intoxicated  ?      if one  chooses the sleep option ,  do they  start
their  seudah earlier  so as  to  get  knocked out unconscious , yet having
already bentched?

2]  if  the drinking/intoxication is separate from the seudah ,  how do
people time that ----they  quickly give shalach monos    , gave out  $ ,
then put a sign on the door ---  sorry  , tatty  inebriated/asleep?
 someone then
tries to wake him up  to wash before  shkiah?

...i guess this is a mitzva  i  defer to my professional relatives.....
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