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Sat Jan 19 16:35:55 PST 2013

R' Joel Rich asked:

> What would the halacha be "back in the day" if I lived in a town
> where 80% of the dairy herds were owned by Jews and I found a
> recently filled container of raw milk in the street?  And what
> label would you put on it?

I'm not sure what you mean by "back in the day". If you are referring to a situation where there is no government supervision, such as was the situation for thousands of years, then 80% would not suffice. Some poskim would allow such milk if 100% of the local dairies were Jewish, but even that was a machlokes.

For sources, see (for example) Rabbi Doniel Neustadt's column at http://www.torah.org/advanced/weekly-halacha/5760/vayikra.html in the section beginning, "Is chalav akum ever permitted?" You can also look at http://www.star-k.org/kashrus/kk-issues-cholovYisroel.htm in the paragraph beginning, "A few centuries ago", though no actual sources are cited there.

Akiva Miller

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