[Avodah] A Three-Day Journey

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On Wednesday, January 9, 2013, Zev Sero wrote:

> On 9/01/2013 6:09 AM, Akiva Miller wrote:
>> 7,8) In Sefer Sh'mos, both last week (5:3)*and*  this week (8:23), Moshe
>> asks Par'o for no more than a 3-day furlough. And these were not merely
>> Moshe speaking on his own initiative, but at Hashem's command (3:18)! Even
>> as late as after the ninth makkah, in 10:24-26, Par'o still thought that
>> the exodus would be less than total, and Moshe refrained from correcting
>> this misimpression.
> See the chizkuni on this point. But it doesn't answer the general theme,
just the specific case.

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