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1) the rites are not the 4 that are assur regardless of intent & nature of worship
2) why is she doing the rites? Not that she is trying to worship Jesus, but to enable them to fulfill their worship ( eg, someone needed to pour water, anoint - which have no az significance outside  of what we give them -  or say some texts) .what makes the actions assur? The intent, & there is no intent of avoda Zara - but to merely enable the nonJew to keep his worship....
Similarly with the text - is it assur without kavanah? Are Jewish musicians forbidden to sIng a Bach cantata ( or mass) in a concert performance? What about professional singers working in a church?
At a certain point, one can argue that one has crossed the line - but it is a subtle issue. As many today view Christianity as clear az, the line seems far clearer to them...

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On Jan 9, 2013, at 8:39 PM, avodah-request at lists.aishdas.org wrote:

> She herself is doing rites. Not giving them the tools to do them
> themselves. I therefore don't see it as merely accomodation, assistance
> or enhancement. That interpretation didn't cross my mind when I posted,
> and doesn't seem plausible to me now.

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