[Avodah] phantom hazals

Eliyahu Grossman Eliyahu at KosherJudaism.com
Wed Jan 9 09:12:46 PST 2013

Here is a comparison with Midrash Shir HaShirim according to this ongoing
	"R' Huna said in the name of Bar Kappara: For four merits the
Israelites were delivered from Egypt: because they did not change their
names, and because they did not change their language, and because they did
not inform against one another, and because there was no licentious person
among them."

According to Wikipedia, Midrash Rabbah (the Venice edition) is assigned to
have been compiled in the 16th century.

There is a collection of 11th century Midrashim called "Lekah Tov" which is
also called Pesikta Zutra/Zutarta, that are attributed to Toviah ben
Eliezer. According to those that quote from it (I don't have a copy at home)
It is there that he says in Shemot 6:6  that "they did not change their way
of dress".

Obviously, if someone wants to give a sermon about Shmirat HaLashon, than
the later Midrash Rabbah version is best. If one wants to teach about
defining ourselves by the way we dress, then the earlier Midrash Lekah Tov
version would be better.
Eliyahu Grossman


From: "Simi Peters" <familyp2 at actcom.net.il>
Subject: [Avodah] phantom hazals

I believe the one about them not changing their clothes is in Shir haShirim
Rabba.  If you like, I can check.

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