[Avodah] Uvnucho Yomar

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Tue Jan 8 18:14:18 PST 2013

In Avodah V31n8, RAE replied to RAM:
>> In every siddur I've looked at (Edot Hamizrach excepted), the printed instructions clearly state that Uv'nucho Yomar is to be said while placing the Sefer Torah back into the Aron. <<
> Uv'nucho Yomar should be said when the ST is at rest. For the same reason, Vayehi Binso'a should be said when it's moving <
Agreed (for those who say these p'suqim) that "Vayhi binso'a" should be said when taking a seifer/sifrei Torah out of the Aron (Baer quotes Seifer Kal-Bo: "motzi'in seifer Torah v'omrim 'Vayhi binso'a ha'Aron'"), just as "Uvnucho" should be said when placing a seifer/sifrei Torah back into the Aron, and that RAM's question re "Uvnucho" being said before the actual hachnasah (which Baer describes as hachzarah) can also apply to saying "Vayhi binso'a" prior to the actual hotza'ah. 

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