[Avodah] non-existent midrashim

Eli Turkel eliturkel at gmail.com
Sun Jan 6 07:23:18 PST 2013

It turns out that some midrashim that we all "know" either have no none
source or a very obscure source

Two examples:
1)The Jews in Egypt did not change their names, their language or their
clothing - no none source
the general psak today is that one can indeed wear clothing from the goyim
as long as it has a purpose

2) King David claimed that the spider has no purpose in the world. Once
when he was being hunted by King Saul a spider spun its web in front of the
cave so that Saul thought no one could be inside and David escaped.

I once invetisgated this and it appears it some obscure quite late rishonim

Eli Turkel
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