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> >> the general psak today is that one can indeed wear clothing from the
> >> goyim as long as it has a purpose

The following is from RSRH's commentary on Bereishis 21:21 And God 
made Adam and his wife
garments of skins, and clothed them.

In dual fashion, clothing educates man to return to his original stature:
(a) Clothing covers the body's nakedness, thus warning man to rule over
his body.


(b) Clothing affords protection against the elements of nature,
thus reminding man that he has fallen from his former stature, to which
he has not yet returned. Man was created without a garment; the
peacefulness of Paradise prevailed between him and nature all around
him. Now, however, he needs a garment, and this garment reminds him
that, as long as he must be ashamed of his body, he has not yet returned
to Paradise.

Thus it seems to me that all clothing has a purpose. YL

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