[Avodah] non-existent midrashim

menucha menu at inter.net.il
Mon Jan 7 09:19:54 PST 2013

The fact that the Alsheich does not quote his source does not mean that 
he did not see one.  I doubt he found this midrash on the 
I still maintain that we should call this thread "midrashim for which we 
do not know the original source"

Eli Turkel wrote:

> <<Alsheich brings this in Tehilim 31.  He starts off with the words
> "Veamru Rabboteinu z"l...."
> Again the Alsheich does not give an actual source.  If one searches 
> the internet one finds that the story is quoted by many, always with 
> the phrase "the rabbis said" (or something similar) without an actual; 
> source.

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