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In every  siddur I've looked at (Edot Hamizrach excepted), the printed 
instructions  clearly state that Uv'nucho Yomar is to be said while placing the 
Sefer Torah  back into the Aron. But in recent years, I have become more and 
more aware of  people who simply say it immediately after the preceding 
paragraph, regardless  of the location of the Sefer Torah....

Akiva Miller

Just as a point of interest, about half of us do not have any way of even  
knowing WHERE the Sefer Torah is, and we just say Uv'nucho Yomar when we 
guess  it should be said or when we hear other people saying it.  In MO shuls 
they  all sing together, so there's a clue.  In my yeshivish Litvish  
shtibel, it's every man for himself, murmur murmur.
Oh and every woman.   Yes, when I speak of those who have no way  of 
knowing where the ST is, I refer to those of us who daven behind the  mechitza, 
where you fellows are free to forget about us altogether.
But to give a more serious answer to the question of when to say Uv'nucho  
Yomar, I don't think "while placing the Sefer Torah" has to be taken so  
literally.  "Round about the time the Sefer Torah is placed in the aron" is  
obviously close enough.

--Toby  Katz


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