[Avodah] What date was the Torah given?

Marty Bluke marty.bluke at gmail.com
Mon Jan 7 01:29:03 PST 2013

R' Akiva Miller wrote:
<Rabbi Aryeh Kaplan's "The Torah Anthology" gives exact dates for many
events. For example, the birthdates of Gad and Asher appear in Vol 3 on
page 71.

I would be very skeptical of those dates as the Seder Olam has dates for
everything but many are in dispute. I"ll give just 1 example of many. We
all know the famous Rashi at the beginning of Vayera that the malachim came
to Avraham and Sara on Pesach to tell them that they would have a boy the
next year (on Pesach). Yet the Gemara in Rosh Hashana (11a) states
explicitly that the Malachim came in Tishrei to tell them that they would
have a boy on Pesach.
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