[Avodah] What date was the Torah given?

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Thu Jan 3 08:01:14 PST 2013

> On Thu, Jan 03, 2013 at 01:05:43PM +0000, Akiva Miller wrote:
>: I don't see any difference. Every machlokes of halachah is ultimately
>: a machlokes of history as well. If it doesn't boil down to "What did
>: they do?", then it is at least "What would they have done?" or "What
>: could they have done?"

>: RZL's chapter 4, from pages 65-82, is titled "The Rambam's Attack
>: on Attributing Machlokess to Forgetfulness", and later, on 116-118...

> The Rambam says that machloqes comes from using the halachic process to
> build new din from existing dinim and pesuqim. In contrast, there is no
> building of the past; it's discovered, not legislated.

> But yes, it's related. Which is why I used wiggle-words, "not sure [RZL]
> FULLY [emph added] addresses".

> By the Rambam's shitah, any machloqes about the past means that people
> are trying to deduce something never transmitted mesoretically. Since
> nothing transmitted mesoretically is ever forgotten, leshitaso.

For a nice summary for those who are oral learners:

Rabbi Jeremy Wieder -- The Origin of Torah Sheba'al Peh and the Mesorah
of Machlokes

Joel Rich

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