[Avodah] What date was the Torah given?

Akiva Miller kennethgmiller at juno.com
Thu Jan 3 05:05:43 PST 2013

I wrote:
> In fact, listmember Rabbi Zvi Lampel DID write a book about
> it, which I recommend to anyone interested: "The Dynamics of
> Dispute: The Makings of Machlokess in Talmudic Times"

R' Micha Berger commented:
> RZL's "The Dynamics of Dispute" focuses on machloqesin in
> halakhah, not in history. So I'm not sure he fully addresses
> RMBluke's question.

I don't see any difference. Every machlokes of halachah is ultimately a machlokes of history as well. If it doesn't boil down to "What did they do?", then it is at least "What would they have done?" or "What could they have done?"

RZL's chapter 4, from pages 65-82, is titled "The Rambam's Attack on Attributing Machlokess to Forgetfulness", and later, on 116-118, he discusses the question of "...it is not at all rare for Passover eve to occur on Shabbos. How could a question about the practice have arisen?"

Even if he does not fully *answer* RMBluke's question, it is certainly a source for ideas which may help one to live with the question.

Akiva Miller
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