[Avodah] Why Lie When Truth Can Also Achieve Peace

Zev Sero zev at sero.name
Wed Jan 2 06:42:55 PST 2013

On 2/01/2013 9:30 AM, Arie Folger wrote:
> No, I question your definition of ruach hakodesh, and of nevua...
>                                                       His job, instead,
> is to lead the people to serve G"d and to that end, the greatest among
> them get occasional messages from G"d to transmit to the people or to
> be guided in his mission of leading.

Why are you even dragging nevuah into this?  First of all, a navi *is*
"a soothsayer or prognosticator".  When your donkeys go missing, you go
to the navi to ask him where they are.   When you're sick, you go to him
for a cure.  That is most definitely at least one of his roles.  But all
of that is irrelevant, because nobody mentioned nevuah, we are speaking
of ruach hakodesh.  Are you seriously claiming they are the same thing?!
You can't be.  Nevuah went away, at least mostly and/or for a while,
but ruach hakodesh has always been with us.  That alone proves that they're
not the same thing.  So what exactly is your point?

> Peirush: Yaakov would only know what he needed to know, which is based
> on what G"d wanted him to know. Mit oder ohne ruach hakodesh.

How do you know?  What is *your* source for the limits of ruach hakodesh?>

> You hold otherwise, so I challenge you to produce a source to that effect
> that is at least three hundred years old.

Purely out of interest, what is so special about sources older then 300

Zev Sero
zev at sero.name

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