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-R' Turkel kindly mentioned some Torah Sheb'al Peh of Rav MF Ztz"al and
with forgiveness of others, I will give you my sleep-deprived comments.

<<<1) Is "shemen kik" (castor oil?) kitniyot?  no standard minhag to
prohibit minhag not to use it
1-A: DW heard from the Chernobyler Rebbe of Boro Park, retired chaplain of
Maimonides Hospital, that RMF said - "every Chumraa iis a Kula". Stringent
one direction means lenient in many others. If I would have known this when
I was young....
1-B: Name dropping, Rav Nachum E Wachtfogel quoted a historian who heard
from Rav Mendel Zaks the Chafetz Chaim's son in law: a lady came Erev
Pesach with a roasted chicken who had a grain baked inside, which is/was
standard minhag that it it Assur. the CC was Matir - he said it was Kosher.
The shocked Son in law asked why? CC answered realisitically - let us say I
forbid it - she tells her spouse the chicken was Treif, he beats her up,
screams at her, the entire Yom Tov is ruined. Better to [rely on the
leniency on the kernel of granin". Rav NEW says he does not believe it, but
to my ears it is very similar to other practical applications of
understanding human nature by the CC.
1C:  ==The debate on Kitniyos/ oil was on a very high level and I enjoyed
it very much.
1D: Segue to Yoshon: From one praise-worthy post to another,  on the Alter
Rebbe struggles in the Yoshon issue, was well written and gratifying to
see. SomFor those who share my fascination, the "Vadai Assur" to "Almost
Muttar" metamorphasis of the Yoshon quesion is "sui generis" Unique/ one of
a kind). approach the Judicial History of  this is unique.  Back on track,
Yoshon in Tosfos Kidushin is not controversial enough to be worth
mentioning. Raaviya"h (Bonne near the Rhine River)has the question and
refuses to be Meikeil, Rav Yitzchak Or Zarua (Prague - collator and direct
student of RAVYA) makes (Chutz La'aretz and Shel Lo Yehudi) Drabanan, and
the new-fangled editions of Shut Rav Chaim Or Zarua allow it with a Sfeik
Sfeika that I challenge all the jousters to explain rationally. The
practicality was large numbers of starving people and no other solution in
a very much pre-industrial economy..
1E: Generally German Psak was the most "machmir" - except such cases as R'
Baruch who elicited a strongly phrased reply because he wanted to Assur a
Get smuggled by non-Jews over enemy lines.

<<<2) ....Nuts to children an hour before the seder - this is a context
related advice - so the principle is universal, while the specifics are
regional and temporal.

<<<3) 2 things that that we are not able to do today - a) drink a reviit of
wine in one sip - some Purim after-effects here. He surely meant not
swallowing the Matza "in one gulp:. I have seen a strong strapping youth
have his face go red trying to eat a gigantic quantity of Matza at once.
 The MB already mentions the potential of a normal person swallowing 3
Olives at once. Here the point is that if you have a thousand year old
olive tree - you will see olives quite small, I once tried to eat an egg in
16 bits but was unable to make sufficiently small bites. Rav David Bar
Chaim shows all the agricultural possiblities.

b) to draw out the dalid of echath  th th th th - likein Teimanim to this

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