[Avodah] R Zilberstein Hagada

Eli Turkel eliturkel at gmail.com
Fri Mar 22 06:59:11 PDT 2013

A hagada from R Zilbesterstein recently was published.
I just glanced at it and saw 2 stories in the beginning

1) RYSE had the kiddush cup of his gradfather Baal Haleshem. However, he
couldnt use it because it did not contain the shiur of Chazon Ish. One year
R. Zilberstein arranged to have it extended to increase the size to shiur
CI. When R. Elyashiv received it near Pesach he danced in joy even though
his practicw as never to show any emotion

2) A widow came to RYZA with some lettuce which she said she couldnt clean
from bugs and what should she do.  RSZA asked for the lettuce and spent the
next 2 hours cleaning it himself

Eli Turkel
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