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r' micha
I saw you addressed this here: : In response to the suggestion that there
is no Bittul when a Goy adds non

: Kosher DELIBERATELY or according to a RECIPE, and accordingly chocolate
: with lecithin and drinks sweetened with tiny amounts Kitniyos are Assur
: during Pesach for Ashkenazim, I should like to present the following
: information.

: The MaHARaM of Lublin, Teshuvah 104, Paskens that it is Muttar. Reb Moshe
: YD 2:41 Paskens accordingly.

It is true that there are shittos who hold that way but it is far from
divrei hakol especially if it is a company that is doing it
intentionally- see this article on topic:


i would like to further point out that r' y i spector when he added
point of kitniyos is because kitniyos is not intrinsic issur and
additionally it is battel brov meikar hadin - plus he did not hold
that oils or derivitaves have din of kintniyos - so it would be pretty
har to use his shittah as proof of a klal like this.

all the best and chag samayacj

Chaim M Brecher
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