[Avodah] Reb Moshe, The Case of Hidden Kitniyos in your KLP Cocolate

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On Fri, Mar 22, 2013 at 10:26:40AM +1100, Meir Rabi wrote:
In response to the suggestion that there is no Bittul when a Goy adds non
Kosher DELIBERATELY or according to a RECIPE, and accordingly chocolate
with lecithin and drinks sweetened with tiny amounts Kitniyos are Assur
during Pesach for Ashkenazim, I should like to present the following
The MaHARaM of Lublin, Teshuvah 104, Paskens that it is Muttar. Reb Moshe
YD 2:41 Paskens accordingly.

to clarify - RMF holds there is bittul when a goy adds a non-kosher
ingredient deliberately or according to a recipe to a mixture that is under
the supervision of a kashrus agency
Reb Moshe says this quite clearly, he says just because a Jew is monitoring
the process to ensure that non-K ingredients are not added - what's the big
deal? The Goy is the mover and instigator of the Hechsher.

However, if Glicks or PASKESZ sub-contract to package with their label that
is now Bittul Issur LeChatChiLa

A manufacturer who wants a KLP symbol on his packages of chocolate, and he
shows you the list of ingredients, which includes lecithin, you tell him,
"This recipe is fine," this is after-the-fact. It is BeDiOVad. The G is the
instigator, he is driving it for his profit, the Rav is employed.

Because if your neighbour Chris, brings over a Kugel cooked in his kitchen
as a gift for his Jewish neighbour, the J may not eat it. Why? Bishul Akkum.

So he says to Chris I like you youre a nice guy. Tell you what, next time
you get the  urge, call me over, we can do this together. So he gets called
goes over and participatesin the cooking ensures no non-K ingredients are
used and may in the FIRST instance eat the Kugel, because the G is not
instructed not to use EBYomo pots before they've been Kashered.
That is Reb Mosher's case


Meir G. Rabi


Meir G. Rabi
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