[Avodah] KLP Lecithin in chocolate and corn syrup

Rabbi Meir G. Rabi, its Kosher! rabbi at itskosher.com.au
Tue Mar 19 15:39:20 PDT 2013

In response to the suggestion that there is no Bittul when a Goy adds non
Kosher DELIBERATELY or according to a RECIPE, and accordingly chocolate
with lecithin and drinks sweetened with tiny amounts Kitniyos are Assur
during Pesach for Ashkenazim, I should like to present the following

The MaHARaM of Lublin, Teshuvah 104, Paskens that it is Muttar. Reb Moshe
YD 2:41 Paskens accordingly.

The case is; a Goy's milking sheep have been attacked and some are Tereifos
but unidentifiable. The same farm also has milking cows that are not
The milk of all the sheep and all the cows is combined and used to
manufacture cheese and butter. The Tereifa milk is less than Shishim.

A Jew has contracted to purchase a proportion of the cheese and butter. A
Jew, either the purchaser or another, supervises to satisfy the
requirements for Cholov and Gevinas Yisrael.
There is no problem with Mevatlin Issur LeChatChila, provided the Yid does
not directly and openly instruct the Goy to combine the milks.

To prove his point, he quotes the ShaArei DuRa; who permits eating honey
cakes made by a Goy even though they are flavored with non-kosher spices,
i.e. crushed in a non-kosher mortar, since they are Battel in the mixture.
(I presume he means it's a case of Zeh VeZeh GoRem because spices are added
to provide flavour but work in conjunction with the honey - which is also a
tremendous Chiddush, or perhaps we don't reckon with more than the Issur
which is NivLah in the spice)

Reb Moshe also proves this from the Ramo, Darchei Moshe YD 122:2. And
explains that even the Rashba agrees. The Rashba only applies the penalty
of not permitting the food when the diet drink or chocolate is made
exclusively for Ashkenazi Yidden at the instruction of a Yid. So Liebers or
Paskesz may not subcontract a non Jewish manufacturer to produce foods
under their kosher badge brand.
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