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Fri Mar 15 07:26:08 PDT 2013

I looked very briefly in the new book of R. Mordechai Tendler of halachot
and minhagim of RMF.

1) Is "shemen kik" (castor oil?) kitniyot? - It all depends on the minhag.
Since some places give a hasgacha on shemen kik therefore there is no
standard minhag to prohibit and so it is allowed except if one has a family
minhag not to use it

2) Ideally one should give nuts to children an hour before the seder so
they dpnt sleep. In practice everyone is too busy and therfore people are
not careful about this

3) There are 2 things that chazal mention that we are not able to do today
a) dring a reviit of wine in one sip
b) to draw out the dalid of echad

4) To rely on the translation of the Rambam from Ibn Tobon and other
ancients and not Rav Kapach since they were geonim

5) He didn't understand how a dentist could rape a patient since it is
against the chazakah that a professional doesnt ruin his profession "uman
eino mera umnoto"

6) He didnt understand how the US could anyone to carry revolvers,
especially since other countries dont allow it

Eli Turkel
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