[Avodah] Mussaf After Minchah

Moshe Y. Gluck mgluck at gmail.com
Tue Feb 12 19:06:26 PST 2013

As per the SA OC 286:4, someone who didn't daven Mussaf yet, and it's
already past Minchah Ketanah, should daven Minchah first, and then daven
Mussaf. Here's a question I've had a long time which I've never seen
addressed. Someone who davens Nusach Ashkenaz says Shalom Rav at Minchah;
here, where he says Minchah first, should he say Shalom Rav at Mussaf also?

(My only thought on this is that the minhag - as codified in the siddur -
seems to be that he should say Sim Shalom. My R'ayah L'davar is that I've
never seen a siddur that brought an option to say Shalom Rav at Mussaf.)




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