[Avodah] Leeuwenhoek's Halachic Legacy (microscopic)

David Wacholder dwacholder at gmail.com
Thu Jan 17 16:24:42 PST 2013

Rabbi Spitz captured the theory of the halacha very very well. He is
microscopically correct. The only problem is he  is sociologically "putting
the cap on the lens" .  He is MACROscopically incorrect.

If I buy billboards and put  pictures of  ;microscopic mites or
"you-name-its" - I will create a "mite phobic " population who will be
unable to eat food associated with mites.

If you tell people that water has invisible [except to the superior more
perfect among us]  beings -  you will induce phobia of water.

 Rabbanim and others must be cognizant of this.

Is it worth adding phobias? Do we need more of them?

inducing the phobia is most effective with those who did not grow up with

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