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Rabbi Yehuda Spitz yspitz at ohr.edu
Fri Jan 18 03:54:27 PST 2013

To R' Micha,
I just saw your comments here about my series of articles about the*halachic
* origins of cholent.


I just wanted to point out that your comments were actually addressed in
the original.
Yes, the Baal Hamaor's name was R' Zerachia and not Zecharia - it was a
typo [actually, I think a female editor might have changed it not being
familiar with such an uncommon name] and was corrected the very next day -
see here <http://ohr.edu/5294>.
You are correct that there were special *tavshilim* mentioned in the Gemara
exclusive to Shabbos, but the idea that one must eat a hot dish on Shabbos
day that was heated up from before Shabbos *b'davka* to actively show that
we do not follow the Karaim, as far as I know was first mentioned by the
Baal Hamaor. A Friday night cholent might be terrific for *tavshil
shel*Shabbos and even be
*yotzei To'ameha* (addressed in footnote 6 <http://ohr.edu/5294#_edn6>),
but would not seem to fit this criteria. As mentioned in footnote 3, for an
expanded explanation and the parameters of this Mitzva, see Shu”t Ba’er
Moshe (vol. 1, 1, 2) and Chut Shani (Shabbos vol. 2, pg. 147, Ch. 28, 12).
Might I suggest that you read the article in it's entirety (including
footnotes)? I am sure that then you would get a more complete picture.
I hope this helps clarify.
*kol tuv* and Good Shabbos,
Y. Spitz
Insights Into Halacha <http://ohr.edu/this_week/insights_into_halacha/>
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