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On 7/07/2013 9:38 AM, D&E-H Bannett wrote:

>> R' Seth: As to <<The Chabad siddur is full of hypergrammatical
>> "corrections,"

> I hope you include among them the sh'va na' signs

No, those do not form part of "the Chabad siddur".  They're merely an
artifact of one edition, Tehillas Hashem, which was prepared in a hurry
in the early 1940s, when there was a shortage of siddurim, by cutting and
pasting (literally, pre-computer) from a previous non-Lubavitch siddur,
making the appropriate corrections.  Because of the hurry, and since it's
common in Lubavitch not to pay much attention to correct pronunciation in
davening (as opposed to leining), they simply adopted the stars from the
siddur they were copying, holus bolus.  This did not represent a deliberate
"psak" in favour of that system.

The Kfar Chabad edition of Tehilas Hashem that came out about 20 years ago
redid all the stars according to the rules that were taught by R Mottel
Shusterman AH, who was the baal korei at 770 for many years, and who was
instructed by the Rebbe to teach a class in dikduk at Oholei Torah.

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