[Mesorah] Hoshiya Na Hatzlicha Na

D&E-H Bannett dbnet at zahav.net.il
Thu Jul 24 08:03:56 PDT 2008

Re: your question <<difference between the dagesh chazak in 
the 'na' of of Hoshia na and the lack of one in hatzlicha 

I suggest you look in R' Mordekhai Breuer's book on the 
Keter, IIRC page 43. He points out that, in all the ancient 
manuscripts as well as the Mikraot Gedolot Venetzia 5286, 
both hoshiya and hatzlicha have the same ta'am 
(tzinorit-merkha) and a dagesh in "na".  Radak and other 
medakd'kim and ba'alei mesora mention the unusual, that both 
words are milra'.  Because of a misinterpretation of the 
Mesora(see Breuer), this was changed by the Minchat Shai to 
the way it appears today in most printed Tanakh. Since then 
we have the mileil of the hoshiya. Those "in the know" added 
the incorrect "diyyuk" of reading (only) the hatzlicha as 
milra'. Or is that "diyyuk" the reading of hoshiya as 

So, to summarize:  According to all the old sources, both 
Na's have a dagesh, both words have same ta'am, both words 
are milra'.



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