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Joel Rich joelirarich at mail.gmail.com
Tue May 21 19:52:00 PDT 2024

[Transliterations of the citations and the Maharal are mine. RJR posted
them in Hebrew. -micha]

A recent series in my local shul on male head coverings included the
following sources.
Shu"T Maharshal, siman 72
Shu"T Har Tzevi Orach Chaim 1 siman 3
Shu"T Yachaveh Da'at cheileq 4 sinam 1

This one especially made me laugh a bitter laugh because I found it
particularly resonant today:
Shu"T Maharshal, siman 72
Ve'akhshav hu leheifakh beqomah zequfah
einam nizharim.
Ve'aderabah! Hagei'im veha'ashirim holekhim neruyeiy garon.
Uvgiluy harosh einam nizharim lo machamas chassidus
ela soverim  Das Yehudis hi.

The rest made me think about the delicate dance between amcha and the
rabbis where it seems the people through their actions demand halachic
rabbinic validation. Besides the sources here I've also had recent
discussions concerning kol nidre and kaddish as examples where a simple
textual reading would lead you one way, but the practice is dramatically

Any thoughts appreciated.

Bsorot tovot
Joel Rick

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