[Avodah] Interest and modern economies

mcohen at touchlogic.com mcohen at touchlogic.com
Wed May 22 06:38:48 PDT 2024

..If taking interest makes you a kofer then surely circumventing

the prohibition through technical means is not what the Torah wants. So how
can we have a modern economy Al pi Torah given the prohibition on interest?

i would have thought that the prohibition on interest is a localized interpersonal Jew to Jew concept only.
one doesnt lend to his brother with interest.
we see that the torah understands that interest is a logical concept. 
lending to nJews is permissible and understandable
i would think a torah nation and economy would operate with interest from banks to LLCs on a corporate level (based on RMF's heter to lend money to an LLC with ribbis)
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