[Avodah] LeOlam baHem Taavodu

Micha Berger micha at aishdas.org
Sun May 12 14:04:07 PDT 2024

AhSY is spending weeks on YD 267, the ever-practcal Hikhos Avadim.

Se'ifim 134-135 discusses le'olam bahem ta'avodu. (135 adds the Rambam to
the point made in 134.)

Toras Kohanim emphasizes what is exluded: you can give an Eved Kenaani
whatever work you wish, but that only applies to actual work. You can't
simply abuse an eved -- neither by hitting or verbal abuse. Of course
there are no fines, but only because the ba'al would get posession of
anything paid the eved anyway.

The Rambam (9:5) then adds that even when it comes to work, it is middas
chassidus and darkhei chokhmah to be a rakchamn and rodeif tzedeq.

"Ve'ein ha-akhzaryius veha-azus metzhuyah elah be'ovedei kokkhavim..."

So, you may not abuse a slave and while giving them endless or pointless
work is permissible by Hilkhos Avdim, the Rambam reminds you that it
would violate Hikhos Dei'os.

Tir'u baTov!

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