[Avodah] punishment for the wicked

Joel Rich joelirarich at gmail.com
Tue Jul 5 14:13:22 PDT 2022

So perhaps you can help me think this through? The Rambam in hilchot tshuva
(8:1) seems to imply that the punishment for the wicked is that they will
cease to exist - meaning to me that they will not participate in the world
to come. If this is so, it seems to me that Pascal's wager seems less of a
challenge. It would seem that the player could take enjoyment in this world
and only risk nonexistence (and thus not know what he missed out on) and
take his chances that reward in the world to come would be more pleasurable
but he'll never really feel that loss. Since he’ll never be aware of the
downside, how would you convince him not to take the immediate gain?
Perhaps this is the reason that other commentaries read into the Rambam
elsewhere that he did believe in eternal damnation?
Joel Rich
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