[Avodah] Question About This Week's Sedra

Prof. L. Levine llevine at stevens.edu
Tue Jun 21 08:12:24 PDT 2022

In this week's Sedra, Shlach, (which happens to be my Bar Mitzvah parasha) Moshe sends one representative of each Shevat to "scout" the land. However, in the haftorah Yehoshua sends only two men.

Shlach is referred to as the parasha of miraglim, yet this word does not appear in this parasha at all.

For answers to these questions, please see

Shelach Lecha: Right People, Wrong Mission | Torah In Motion<https://torahinmotion.org/discussions-and-blogs/shelach-lecha-right-people-wrong-mission>
Having the right people for the wrong job can lead to tragic consequences. Such was the fate of the meraglim. Twelve handpicked leaders, who represented the best the Jewish people had to offer, were to serve as the final link between Egyptian slavery and Israeli redemption. Yet something went terribly wrong and this was not to be.


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