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HKBH never says, "I really did not want that to happen, but what could I
He never has to say that.
HKBH can make an omelette without cracking any eggs.

We do not understand that  - that is OUR problem.

Chazal tell us that HKBH prepares the Refuah BEFORE the Makkah.
What difference does it make WHEN HKBH prepares the Refuah?

Chazal are telling us that EVERYTHING is prepared EVERYTHING is known in
That is not to tell us how great HKBH is
It is to advise us and give us the confidence that EVERYTHING is PLANNED
We may be surprised but HKBH is not.

By way of a Mashal - if the Hatzolah emergency volunteer notices that every
single time he arrives at a medical emergency he has precisely what is
required for that emergency - not a single spare band-aid when he's
completed his tasks, and not ever short of a bandage -
That is spooky - how did the guy who is preparing his kit figure out what
to pack - and every single time?

We are not supposed to delve into understanding HOW this works
We ARE SUPPOSED to dwell on the CONCLUSION - HKBH never messes up. No one
falls between the cracks.


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