[Avodah] The Thing With Feathers

Micha Berger micha at aishdas.org
Mon Jan 3 10:47:38 PST 2022

On Thu, Dec 30, 2021 at 11:05:11AM -0600, Jay F. Shachter via Avodah wrote:
>> Is an owf something that flies?

> Not if a Bath HaYa`anah (Leviticus 11:16), classified as an `of in
> Leviticus 11:13, is an ostrich, which is how it's usually translated.

OTOH, flying insects "sheretz ha'of" (Devarim 14:19). As in the Chinukh
(#471), "Not to eat non-kosher locust and any sheretz ha'of: Not to eat
sheretz ha'of, like flies, bees, wasts and the rest of those species...)

That's what I had in mind when I asked the question.

Chodesh Tov!

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