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It looks like R' Heshy Zelcer's article in Hakirah was published a year
before Prof. Uri Ehrlich's book "Tefilat haAmida shel Yemot haChol," which
uses Geniza fragments to reconstruct different "branches" of both Minhag EY
and Minhag Bavel.  In most cases, the nusachim that are in widespread use
today (by Sefaradim and Ashkenazim) are pretty similar to various branches
of Minhag Bavel (which was, indeed, as R' Micha speculated, more verbose
than Minhag EY).

Prof. Shumlamit Elizur has made the case that the original Shmoneh Esrei
(the one that took the "chasidim harishonim" an hour to say) was
significantly longer than either of those, and that what we are used to
saying nowadays is actually the condensed version, the "me'ein shmoneh
esrei" referred to by R' Yehoshua and R' Akiva in the mishna.  This would
be consistent with the view of Rav (Berachos 29a) that "me'ein shmoneh
esrei" refers to a condensed version of each beracha, rather than the view
of Shemuel that it refers to a combined beracha of "Havinenu."

Chanukah sameach,
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