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>> Originally, people composed their own prayers. The Shemoneh Esrei was
>> composed by the Men of the Great Assembly at the end of the Biblical
>> period -- again, while the Temple was standing -- and standardized about
>> 400 years later. So prayer and sacrifices definitely co-existed.

Tamid 5:1 spells out the liturgy in the Beis haMiqdash. Not what the
Q asked for, since it doesn't list what was said in synagogues,
but interesting nonetheless.

Ahavah Rabba
Aseres haDiberos
Shema (3 paragraphs)
Emes veYatziv
Avodah ("Retzei" but without "vehasheiv es ha'vodah.." for obvious reasons)
Birkhas Kohanim

And on Shabbos they also gave the leaving mishmar a berakhah.

The memuneh over the goral would introduce Ahavah Rabba and the closing
berakhos by calling for them to bless the nation 1 and 3 berkhos,
respectively. Worth knowing that Ahavah Rabba was written for blessing
Kelal Yisrael, in addition to its roles as shevach to HQBH and a surrogate
Birkhas haTorah.

Tir'u baTov!

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