[Avodah] Where do we find Kabala BeYadam Raven Mipi Rav

Rabbi Meir G. Rabi meirabi at gmail.com
Sat Nov 13 19:53:27 PST 2021

Tosafos Bava Basra 10b declare that Rabbenu Channel has a tradition -
Kabala BeYadam Rav Mipi Rav - that the episode, in which the father advised
his son, "what you thought you saw, an upsidown world, with great people at
the bottom and insignificant people above them, is in fact the true
structure of the world, you saw clearly" refers to the consequence, the
downgrading of Shemuel ......

Can anyone advise if this or something like this, is found anywhere else? A
tradition that identifies and connects any piece of Halacha or Agadda to a
particular event or episode.
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