[Avodah] Leap Years before matan Torah?

Zev Sero zev at sero.name
Thu Oct 21 14:33:29 PDT 2021

On 21/10/21 2:21 pm, Marty Bluke via Avodah wrote:

> How could there be a leap year before matan Torah? What makes a leap 
> year is the Sanhedrin declaring it one, it doesn’t happen by itself. So 
> before matan Torah who exactly was m’aber the Shana? In fact who was 
> mekadesh chadoshim?

A simple ballebatishe answer would be that the calendar is only in our 
hands because Hashem gave it to us with "Hachodesh hazeh lachem".  It 
follows that before then it was in His hands.

A more sophisticated answer might be that since we have a rule that when 
there is no sanhedrin we use a formula, that rule applied not only when 
the Sanhedrin ceased to function during Galus Bavel and again in the 4th 
century CE, but also before there was a Sanhedrin in the first place.

Veyesh lomar that these are the same answer.

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